We are a manufacturing company of products for the electrical and metal-mechanical industries with more than 30 years of experience. We offer our own line of electrical devices and develop other products for third party companies

based on the transformation of non-ferrous metals and polymers.



We are committed to a mutual growth of our clients’ businesses and ours. We get involved in each product and/or project development, fulfill the requirements established by the responsible agencies of each country where our products are

introduced and offer the highest added value possible to our clients.

The high quality of our products is our strength. We use the best technology available and our internal system forces our company to keep innovating and offering quality excellence. All our efforts are driven to satisfy the specific needs of our clients, to increase the value provided by our investors, to provide safe products for society and help protect the environment by avoiding electrical energy waste.



To exceed our customers’ expectations of quality, performance, service, price and punctuality through fast adaptation to the market needs and innovating products, processes and solutions.

To offer our associates job stability, economic welfare, training and technical improvement in an interdisciplinary collaboration environment and a continuous personal and organizational improvement culture where respect, loyalty and enthusiasm are our main values that help us reach our goals as a team.

To continue generating the trust of our investors by being honest and loyal to them, constantly increasing the value of our company and achieving each goal set. Generate wealth, create jobs and become an example for society as an

environmentally respectful and upright company.